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Good business | New Entrepreneurs - Ethical Fashion Forum

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Good business

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Many people automatically assume that a business which addresses social or environmental issues is not going to be a profit-making venture; you need to prove them wrong!

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Products & Services

If you want to create truly sustainable products you need to think outside the box of conventional design. Understanding the components of your product, the origins of your raw materials, the production processes and all the related costs is essential. Informed innovation is the key to creating a product that is both sustainable and marketable.

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Marketing is all about putting customers at the heart of your business and responding to their needs and wants. In a challenging economic climate your customer needs to trust that your product offers them something unique in terms of style, quality and sustainability

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Supply Chain

The success of a fashion business rests on an effective supply chain! As an ethical brand you have to think about keeping down the costs of production balancing this consideration with maintaining decent labour conditions and fair wages in your supply chain and addressing the environmental impact of your production process.

There is an old saying the “business of business is business” in other words, as a business owner your only concern should be ensuring that you make a healthy profit no matter what the cost. If this was ever true it certainly isn’t anymore!

For a company to be successful in the economy of tomorrow the bottom line needs to become the triple bottom line. Sustainability can be a confusing and open-ended term; thinking about the triple bottom line, economic, social and environmental is an effective and comprehensible way to start creating a framework for sustainable/good business practices.

The fashion industry is a particularly complex and confusing world, with a very long and involved supply chain and questionable practices present in almost every area of production.

The Good Business section of this site aims to show you how sustainability can add to and enhance every area of your business planning, providing you with some useful templates to help you develop your strategy, as well as highlighting key areas to explore and directing you to the relevant places to do more research.